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Edited scenes from YB ep13

I got curious cause of the complaints on bestiz regarding episode 13 so I searched the script up.
In the 16 episodes of this drama, ep13 had the most cuts according to the netizens.
Anyway, after reading through the scripts of episode 9~16, I have to agree (haven't got around to reading the scripts for the first 8 episodes yet xD ). So here are the cut parts. Only ep13 had such major cuts. for most parts, the aired episodes followed pretty closely to the scripts. Oh and something interesting, during the phone CF photoshoot, TK was supposed to be lime, Jeremy, bananas, Minam, orange and Shinwoo, blueberry. :D

Scene 5 TK's car
TK: Whats that?
MN: Mother Superior gave it to me (Eats one) Ah, sour.
TK: (Frowns)
MN: It's really sour. Hyung nim shouldn't eat it
TK: (Looking at MN peeling the oranges) I like sour stuff. You do know that I love lime right? Give me one
MN: (Passes him an entire orange)
TK: Go Minam, I'm driving. Do you have any idea this requires of my attention, especially at night?
MN: Ah, sorry (Peels an orange and passes it to him)
TK: Both my hands can't leave the steering whell. AH! (Openly demands for one)
MN: (Puts one piece into TK's mouth)
TK: (Makes a face while eating cause its too sour)
MN: It was really sour
TK: (Puts up with the sourness) That was okay. Give me one more. AH
MN: (Gives TK another piece)
TK: (Feels like his teeth are going to fall out cause it too sour. Puts up with it)
MN: Shall I give you one more?
TK: (Its too sour) Don't you have others?
MN: Nope
TK: (Weak sigh) Give me one more then
MN: (Choosing oranges) Hyungnim really loves sour stuff so I must choose the one that looks the most sour
TK: (Goes Aish~and looks at MN) In future, don't go out like this and be with Shinwoo
MN: Ah you said it didn't suit me and I looked funny, right? I'll go change into my male garb quickly.
TK: Its okay if its in front of me. Just don't wear such things in front of Shinwoo. Because of that, Manager Ma, Cordi Wang, and even I thought you liked Shinwoo (Getting upset)
MN: Everyone thought that way? (Shocked) Looks like I added on to Shinwoo's troubles (Feeling sorry) He treats me really well and worries about me... Looks like I've to be nicer to Shinwoo from now on
TK: Nicer to Shinwoo? How did we reach that conclusion? (Gets upset)
MN: I'll be nice to Hyungnim too. I'll be more careful in future not to add to anyone else's problems. I'll try to hide my feelings for you in front of everyone (Determined!!Clenches her fist and pops an entire orange into her mouth. The orange is really sour but) I'll bear it! (Clenches fists) I'll hide my feelings (Pretending it isnt sour)
TK: (Senses that something is weird, frowns and looks straight ahead) Are we on the right road...?

(As he says that, the GPS goes "You've gone off-course, you've got off course)
TK: I seem to have gone the wrong way... (Frowns again) Home! We're going home!
GPS: I'll look for another way to go home.

TK: (Uneasy, looks at MN)
MN: (Continues practicing how to control her feelings [of sourness] by peeling more oranges when her phone rings)
MN: (Looks at her phone and picks up) Yes, Shinwoo-hyung?
TK: (Snaps around and looks at MN)

Scene 9 President An's Office
(When Shinwoo brings her into the room with Reporter Kim, Manager Ma and President An)
SW: She's just a normal person, so she's really nervous. Please don't reveal too much about her just because we're dating.
Reporter: (Nods) I'll take care of that. So how did you fall in love?
SW: I liked her first. (Looks at MN)
MN: (Nervous)

Scene 10 Workroom
TK sits in front of a table drinking water. Puts down the bottle and opens another blue bottle. Continues drinking water.
Looks really upset when the door opens and Jeremy walks in

TK: Is it over?
Jeremy: They are still conducting the interview. I heard Go Minam's really cute
TK: (Takes another sip of water)
Jeremy: If only I was Shinwoo, saying 'She's my girl'and hugging Go Minam...
TK: (Looks sharply at Jeremy while drinking water)
Jeremy: I must come up with an even better way of saying I like her
TK: You could never lie
Jeremy: (Looks at TK) I'm not lying. I really like Go Minam (Serious)
TK: ??
Jeremy: I liked her even when I thought she was a boy (Openly)
TK: What? (Shocked) You aren't joking?
Jeremy: Although I always joke lightly with Go Minam to make her happy, my heart is anything but light. It's pretty heavy. I just haven't taken it out for fear of burdening her with this.
TK: (Looking at Jeremy seriously)
Jeremy: (Cheerfully) I guess I should end it. I should go over there quickly, overcome my fears and my girl happy (Goes off to save Go Minam and leaves making a Superman pose)
TK: The nice Shinwoo, cheerful Jeremy, I....all I did was to give her my permission, is that okay? (Starts to worry)

Scene 11
(As the reporter, President An, Go Minam, and Shinwoo leaves)
/Second storey
TK looks at them leaving when Manager Ma comes up to him

Hoonyi: They look good together don't they? If only Shinwoo didn't like someone else. Shall I try to change his mind?
TK: Don't do it. Don't do anything. Come to think about it, you seem to be the root cause of all of her accidents
Hoonyi: Yeah, it's my fault. Thats why I need to get them together to repay her~! (Leaves)

(President An comes going "Taekyung ah")
President An: You knew everything?
TK: (Nods)
President An: (Sighs) Shinwoo seems to really like Minam's sister
TK: Does it look that way?
President An: You have no idea how he kept on holding her hand, cherishing her during the interview, like she was some princess
TK: Kang Shinwoo seems to have written a fairytale (Grabs the water bottle and drinks)
President An: Yeah, its like some fairytale. His proposal present was shoes. Seems like he wanted to turn her into Cinderella
TK: The shoes have to fit for her to become Cinderella
President An: Stop thinking about your own love problems and show some concern for your fans. Because of your scandals, your fanclub size has decreased by 100,000 people
TK: (Doesn't really care) They'll be back once we start our activities again. This happens everytime we take a break so don't worry
President An: Don't be too sure of your fans. They aren't your lovers. They might like looking at you now but if there's somewhere else that treats them better, they'll gravitate towards that. That is what fans are like. You should know that
TK: (Thinking) Really..? So fans change their minds easily
President An: Yeah, even if they like you like crazy now, in the end, they are still going to marry someone else. This is what the love stars receive are like. (leaves)
TK: Yeah, fans change their minds easily, and can go off with some other guy... But even if that happens, you can't argue with the fan. (Frowns) What should I do? (Uneasy)

Scene 16 Living room
Shinwoo brings Minam home while Jeremy waits eagerly

Jeremy: What the.?? Why did Go Minam change? You have no idea how eagerly I was waiting to see her in female clothes, Taekyung-hyung saw her, Shinwoo-hyung too, so you have to show me too!!!
SW: She's mine when she's a girl. Don't look at her without my permission (Joking)
Jeremy: Fine! So when she's Go Minam, hyung, don't look at her. Go Minam, Jolie has a boyfriend now
MN: Really?
Jeremy: I'll show you the picture I took, lets go!

(They go off to Jeremy's room. TK comes down the stairs and locks eyes with Shinwoo)
SW: It went well
TK: (Bluntly) Because of you
SW: Taekyung-ah, when did you know Minam was a girl? From the very beginning?
TK: No, I found out during the period when I moved to a hotel after she caused an accident in my room
SW: You confronted her the moment you found out?
TK: Of course, I can't pretend I didn't know. You have no idea how hard I tried to kick her out after I found out she was a girl
SW: I see. There're many things I didn't know. Since knowing you I thought you would have just left it aside
TK: So now it's my fault? Because I took care of her and didn't chase her away, she now has to be your girlfriend? (Frowns)
SW: I'm just saying that we've come this far because of you (Sad)
TK: (Bluntly) I understand how you feel sad cause you have to set your girlfriend aside and pretend to date Go Minam. I feel sorry for you but I don't regret it (Leaves)
SW: (Standing sadly) So I had the chance (to confront her) first...I was leading but why do I have to step back as a shadow now.. I regret that (Feeling sad and blaming himself)

Scene 42 At the entertainment company
Taekyung and Minam enters and Manager Ma comes carrying a huge suitcase
Hoonyi: Hurry up cause its time to leave too. Call Shinwoo and Jeremy to come down quick
MN: Yes (Leaves)
TK: (Looks at suitcase) She's just going for a day, why's her suitcase so big?
Hoonyi:She might be going to see her future parents-in-law for all we know, so I prepared a red ginseng set as a gift and a hanbok so that she can wear that to give her bows
TK: Manager Ma, are you sending Go Minam off to Pusan to get married? (Chokes)
Hoonyi: Thats what I'm planning to do. Shinwoo seemed okay with me bringing Minam along to Pusan. His heart must be tilting towards her.
TK: What... Shinwoo? (Feeling uneasy) Anyway, everyone's leaving together so it should be fine

Translated by: Sparkskey
And I hope they release these scenes. there was a serious lack of Jeremy scenes in ep13 ):
Tags: !translations
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